You Will Love Swimming With a Mermaid Tail

When I was 4 Mom ordered me a gorgeous mermaid tail in passion pink with a matching bikini from Fin Fun Mermaids. At the time we were living in California, and my grandparents had a pool, so I used it constantly.

I’ve been obsessed with mermaids as long as I can remember. Mom says even longer than I can remember – LOL.

I learned to swim under the water using the monofin that fits under the fabric of the tail. It’s like the flippers you use when you go snorkeling, except both feet are together in one big fin. Instead of kicking your feet, you move your hips up and down like a dolphin, or duh, a mermaid!

It feels amazing and you won’t believe how fast you can move through the water.

After a few years I outgrew the tail and mom ordered me a new one. This time I picked out a mermaid tail with a really cool design on it called Lunar Tide. It looks kind of like the milky way on a dark sky. I got a blue bikini to go with it.

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