Hanging out with Justin Trudeau

We heard that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was going to visit our favorite local coffee shop, Laura’s Coffee Corner, while helping Gordie Hogg campaign for the by-election. Mom came and got me from school at lunchtime. We had lunch at Laura’s before it got too crowded, and then waited for him to show up. Some other kids from my school showed up, as well as some friends.

The advance security team was really nice and showed us where we should stand so we’d get a chance to say hi.  Mr. Hogg stopped to say hi to my Grandpa and Grandpa thanked him for organizing such a great event on his birthday.

By the time Mr. Trudeau arrived there was a huge crowd outside the coffee shop and Laura was outside offering free coffee.  He came inside and we got to say hi and have our photo with him.

After he left the coffee shop we headed back to our van and waited for my Grandparents.  Grandpa and my cousin Ryan had gone to the school to pick up one of Ryan’s hockey teammates.  Grandpa took Leah over to where Gordie Hogg was still on the sidewalk with the Prime Minister and asked if she could have a photo.  That’s when Mr. Hogg said to Mr. Trudeau, “This is my friend Keith Evans and today is his birthday!”

Mr. Trudeau said, “Well then you get a birthday kiss!” and planted one on Grandpa’s cheek.

It was so unexpected that we didn’t get a photo of the moment.  If anyone who was there that day got a shot of the Prime Minister giving my Grandpa a smooch we’d love to have it!

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